Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

From The Pastor

There's a story about a kindergarten teacher who asked a boy what he was drawing. Without pausing to look up, he said, "A picture of God." The teacher smiled and responded, "But nobody knows what God looks like." The boy carefully put down his crayon, looked her squarely in the eye, and declared, "After I'm finished they will.”

Nobody knows what God looks like but we all think we know how he should behave. The only image we have is that of Christ. “To have seen me is to see the Father.” Sometimes we Catholics believe we have Him! We are protective of Him and guard Him lest he come to any harm in the company of disreputable people.

We cannot pre-empt what the Spirit will do, or appropriate the Spirit for ourselves. When we see goodness and justice we are to respond in kind. We are to watch with joy, not with jealousy, and rejoice in the goodness of others.

The young man in the first reading ran to tell Moses that two men were prophesying in the camp. They were not of the select group. Moses showed a wonderful generosity of spirit: "If only the whole people of the Lord were prophets, and the Lord gave his Spirit to them all!"

This lesson has to be learned in every age. The Holy Spirit is God's gift to the Church, but the Holy Spirit is not restricted to acting in ways that we dictate.”The Spirit blows where it wills” We cannot pre-empt what the Spirit will do. “For whoever is not against us is for us.” Blessings and graciousness are breaking through from different people and communities. We are called, not to be an obstacle and prevent God’s goodness but to be instruments of his love and compassion. We don’t have the full picture of God!

– Fr. Joe

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