Second Sunday of Easter
(Sunday of Divine Mercy)

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From The Pastor

On Easter morning, I met a parishioner and she was happy that she could once again come to church. She admitted that she was away from the Eucharist for a year, because of the pandemic. Watching mass on Youtube she said, or sitting in her car in the parking lot, didn’t do anything for her. “It wasn’t the real thing” she said.

I can well sympathies with her. The saving grace of Mass on television is that helps us in prayer, in dealing with isolation and the sense of helplessness during this pandemic.

However, we are called into community, not into “Zoom” meetings or “YouTube” communication or even FaceTime conversations.

In our Gospel, Thomas did not miss out on a zoom meeting when the risen Jesus appeared to the apostles. He missed out on a live personal encounter. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to believe; he was unable to believe outside the personal experience of meeting the risen Lord, in the company of the other disciples.

We can experience God in all manner and means. He makes himself present and the Spirit blows where it wills. But we need community!

As we gather for this celebration we gain strength from the Lord and from each other. For the Lord is kind and merciful!

Although some of you cannot be physically present as we celebrate the eucharist this morning, the Lord is with you in this moment as you pray, at home around the kitchen table, in your comfortable chair, on your knees and as you stand. He comes to you as he came to Thomas, He is in your presence. “Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.”

I pray that on this Devine Mercy Sunday the Lord brings you hope, consolation and you experience his unending love.

– Fr. Joe

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