Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

From The Pastor

Each month we have a collection for the Parish Maintenance and Development Fund. The money collected goes to repair roof, plumbing and everything in between. Once you own property it has to be maintained. It's too late to start fixing a leaky roof when there is a storm pouring down rain.

There are repairs, maintenance, renewal and replacement of ancient appliances needed in very building. God help us if we have to replace the furnace in the church. A few years ago a repair man asked me; “Did we built the church around the furnace?” It was modern up-to-date furnace in the early fifties; today it is an ‘oldie” and it’s big! We try to keep it in good running order, so it continues to give warmth to our church.

The same is true of the Christian life. We all need maintenance, repairs and renewal. The Sunday mass, reception of the sacraments, a regime of prayer leads to a strong healthy christian life. When traditions, and institutions seem to collapse around us, when we can’t keep up with a fast changing world; then we renew our confidence in Jesus. We can withstand the belittling of our faith and hostility from the media because we have confidence and a personal relationship with Jesus. We don’t just seek him out in times of upheaval and tragedy in our lives. We are not waiting for him to come on a certain date or in the clouds of glory. We know he is with us and it is He who gives warmth to our lives.

– Fr. Joe

Readings for November 17, 2019

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Pulpit Announcements

  • Parishioners, we are pleased to announce that St. Dunstan Parish has hired a new CCD Coordinator, Mrs Cecile Toy. Cecile comes to us from St. Timothy Parish in San Mateo and has many years of experience in catechesis and Youth Ministry. We welcome Cecile to our Parish and to our Faith Formation Team!
  • The 5th Annual St. Dunstan Parish Holiday Boutique & Raffle will be held in the parish center on Sunday, November 24 from 9:00am til 5:00pm!
    A pancake breakfast with Santa hosted by the Millbrae Lions Club will kick off the festivities.
    Breakfast will begin at 9:00am until 12 noon.
    Filipino “Simple Meals” such as Lumpia, Noodles, Chicken Adobo & Chicken Rice Soup will be served from 12:30 to 3:00pm!
    Cakes, cookies, drinks and snacks will be available all day.
    Raffle tickets are on sale in the front of the church after all Masses. First Prize is $4,000! Well over half of the tickets have already been sold. Get yours before they sell out! Those who have purchased raffle tickets are invited to a complimentary wine and cheese reception at the boutique beginning at 4:00pm in the parish center.
    All proceeds from this event are designated to support parish operations.
  • This year’s Archdiocesan Annual Appeal campaign ends on December 31, 2019. Our parish assessment this year is $101,185, of which we have collected $90,400. If you have not yet contributed to this year’s Archdiocesan Annual Appeal, please consider doing so today! You can contribute online here. Any shortfall will have to be paid from parish operating funds. Thank you for your support!
  • Knights of Columbus St. Dunstan Council 11041 nvite you to the annual Larry Bianchi & Lou Grech Memorial Crab Cioppino Dinner on Saturday, December 7, 2019 in the Parish Center. No Host Cocktails at 6:00pm, Dinner 7:30pm, Dancing following dinner Featuring Johnny Midnight. For tickets and info call Gabe: 650-692-6589 Jack: 650-773-2435 or Rob: 650-455-8441.
  • Next weekend’s second collection will be for the Campaign for Human Development.

Mass Schedule

5:00pm Vigil Mass

7:00am, 8:30am, 10:00am, & 11:30am

Weekday Masses:
Monday – Friday 6:30am, 8:00am and 5:10pm

Morning Prayer:
Monday - Saturday 7:15am

Monday - Saturday 7:40am

Saturday 8:30am - 9:00am and 3:30pm – 4:30pm


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