Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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From The Pastor

Our Lord does not use a calculator, nor is he at the checkout counter listing all the items we have. Thank God for that! Who wants their lives and their actions counted and weighed on a scale as we check out?

At first glance the parable this weekend seems to be unfair. The ‘landowner’ doesn’t play or judge by human reckoning.

We may well ask: Was the Lord unfair to the woman caught in adultery? Unfair to the thief on the cross beside him? Unfair to Peter for denying him? Unfair to Paul for persecuting Him? He forgave them and loved them all in their failures!

In life we can be driven to achieve, to always seek success, to win at all costs, to show to others we are not a failure. We want to become self-sufficient independent people.

However, do we also have this same attitude towards God? Believing we can achieve our salvation, with the right behavior, actions, keeping the commandments, going to Church on Sunday. Believing “God has to reward me, I’ve been good, I deserve this from him”. We don’t earn God’s respect, his endorsement or his approval. He doesn’t give us his approval, or what we deserve; he gives us his love. It is freely given to the good and the bad, rich and poor alike. I can’t make God love me any more than he does, nor can I make him love me any less. The truth is; we are all latecomers to this feast.

Apparently, Jesus does not want a church of debit and credit; of weighing the scales to see which way we are tilting. He doesn’t play fair, it's not in his nature. He only deals in gifts!

– Fr. Joe

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