Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

From The Pastor

There was young man who lived a long time ago. He had a peculiar approach to people especially those on the margins of society. He said we should love them. He set the example by identifying with the sick, the sinners, and those who were considered objectionable in good company. He opposed those in authority who placed burdens on “little people” and did nothing to relieve their sufferings. He associated with women of questionable character and always found goodness in them. He never refused a kindness to anyone. Even a foreigner or a stranger who asked his help were not turned away. When he was struck on one cheek he turned the other as well. He never repaid injury for injury. In fact, he forgave, even when they nailed him to a tree.

The values of our society, tells us this person, Jesus, was silly, naive, and foolish. What he said, lived and died for, doesn’t get you far in this world. He was misguided and delusional. He ended up a loser and died on the cross.

Would you want him to be different? Would you like him to be like the rest us us? Mean, uncaring, stepping on others to get what we want? Or is there something deep within each of us that knows he is right. He is not just a preacher. He is the embodiment of all he preached about; love, forgiveness, generosity and openness. He lived by a different set of rules, and he told us that living like him will set us free. This young man, risen from the dead, calls us to fall in beside him, to move a little closer and to refuse to accept the long established rules of popular society. He is inviting us tear up the old agreement “of an eye for an eye” and to come with him the extra mile or two.

– Fr. Joe

Readings for February 23, 2020

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This Wednesday, February 26 is Ash Wednesday. Masses will be celebrated at 6:30am, 8:00am, 11:00am, 5:10pm & 7:00pm. Ashes will be distributed during each mass. Stations of the Cross will be held on Fridays at 2:15pm and 7:00pm. Please join us.

St. Dunstan Youth Ministry (SDYM) Service Project: Blessing Bags
SDYM is beginning the process of preparing for our annual Winter Service Project: Assembling and delivering Blessing Bags to local shelters. A Blessing Bag contains small items in a bag, to assist a homeless person with basic needs.

We are asking our school and parish families to please support SDYM by donating any of the following items:

Travel-sized toiletries, such as deodorant, soap, shampoo/ conditioner, sunscreen, toothbrush/paste, tissues, lotion. Other essential items, such as a comb or small brush, feminine products, lip balm. New socks and gloves (children and adult sizes). Individually packaged food, such as granola or energy bars, pudding or fruit cups, crackers, nuts or trail mix, dried fruit, beef jerky, gum, mints or hard candy.

Monetary donations are also accepted, and will be used to purchase additional items. Donations will be collected through February 28th, and can be dropped off at St. Dunstan School or the Rectory during normal business hours. Youth Ministry members will assemble and deliver the bags in early March. Thank you for supporting St. Dunstan Youth Ministry!

Our candidates for First Holy Communion this year are going to receive the Sacrament of First Reconciliation on February 29, 2020. We ask all of you as members of the Body of Christ to please pray for these children as they continue to prepare to receive these two Sacraments. Their names are written on the Sheep that you see on the walls of our church. Please take the time to note at least one name and pray for this child’s journey with Christ.

40 Days for Life Campaign begins on Ash Wednesday, February 26th. Abortion is the crucial political and moral issue of our time. 40 Days for life is a simple, visible, effective way that nearly everyone can participate in that will speak out against the murder of innocent babies. Saturday, March 14th is St. Dunstan’s Day at Planned Parenthood, in Redwood City from 7 am to 7 pm. We need people to sign up for 1 or 2 hours to be present in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic to show our respect for life and the end of abortions. There is a sign up sheet in the vestibule.

Mass Schedule

5:00pm Vigil Mass

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Weekday Masses:
Monday – Friday 6:30am, 8:00am and 5:10pm

Morning Prayer:
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