Second Sunday of Advent

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From The Pastor

Having moved to Purple Tier 1, the commercial world is struggling to survive. Shopping is curtailed, there is no indoor dining and some stores have gone out of business. We have no indoor church celebrations.

The world tries to make the best of the situation and radio stations are playing Christmas songs offering to bring ‘good cheer’ as the pandemic surges. We hear and sing about, Santa Claus, the Little Drummer Boy, and Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. Christmas trees and lights are being put up and the nativity scenes are beginning to appear. They are being populated with the holy family and with some of the above mentioned characters. One important character that never appears in the nativity scene, on tv, radio or on cards, is John the Baptist. He is the missing character in all our preparation for Christmas. Yet he is the one sent to prepare us!

He reminds us that we are not merely preparing for a “jolly jolly Christmas.” He calls us to look again at our lives and deepen our relationship with Christ. His message is one of new beginnings, hope and deep joy. It is of getting rid of the obstacles in our lives; building lasting, and forgiving relationships. Calling us to bring comfort and hope to the people who seem lost in fear and isolation. The Lord of the universe has gifted us with life and His presence. John asks us to prepare. Not a path that leads to God, but a path that allows God to reach us. Advent is preparing for our savior comes to us! For that to happen we have to listen, and be attentive. We have to quiet the distractions of the mind and to listen to the rhythm of your heart. And trust! Christ will show up.

– Fr. Joe

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