The Most Holy Trinity | June 16, 2019

From The Pastor

The Holy Trinity cannot be encapsulated by the rational mind. Yet we continually try to explain, what I believe, can only be experienced in the rapture of love.

To compare the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to water, which can be liquid, ice and steam, would mean that the Father morphs into the Son and the Son into the Holy Spirit. As a formal heresy, this was condemned at the Council of Constantinople. A similar mistake is to portray the Father as Creator, the Son as Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit as Sanctifier, as if they were divided in their actions. The beguiling image of the Trinity as sun, light and heat is the heresy of Arianism, depicting the Son and Holy Spirit as creatures of the Father. Even the legend of St. Patrick got it wrong when using the image of shamrock. It is as if the Three Persons of the Godhead are different parts of one God, as though each were one-third of the whole. God is one Being who is three Persons, and not one Being who is three parts. In prayer St. Patrick captured some of the mystery in the rapture of his prayer; “The Deer’s Cry”:

“I rise today, and I bind me

To the Name of the Trinity,

Invoking faith in the Threeness,

Confessing might in the Oneness,

The Three in One, the One in Three!”

– Fr. Joe

Readings for June 16, 2019

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Pulpit Announcements

  • Open in Spirit to God (BLD) invites you to a Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS) on July 20-21, 2019 at St. Dunstan Parish Center, with Msgr. Paul Schetelick from Newark, NJ as Spiritual Director. Commencing with Invocation Mass on Friday, July 19, @ 7:30 PM, the LSS is a spiritually enlightening, live-out weekend, designed to acquaint the participants with the Person, the work and the power of the Holy Spirit through the Scriptures and personal testimony. There is no fee for this seminar and meals will be provided throughout the weekend. For more information, please contact Peter & Arlene Rojo @ 415-279-6983.
  • Attention Senior Men & Women of the Parish! You are invited to attend our annual complimentary Senior Luncheon on Sunday, June 23, 2019. Doors will open at 12 noon and lunch will be served at 12:30pm. Please call Ann the rectory before June 21st to add your name to the reservation list. Phone: 650-697-4730
  • The St. Dunstan Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society will hold its monthly meeting on Tuesday, June 18th at 6:30pm in the convent. All are welcome to attend!
  • Happy Father’s Day to all Dads of the parish! Dads, please take home a small token of appreciation located at the doors of the church as you leave Mass today. One per person please, God bless you!

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