Come Celebrate Eucharist Outside

During this pandemic there has been a lot of experimentation with bringing the celebration of the Eucharist to people. Some have been traveling the world and viewing liturgies from California to Australia, or watching mass celebrated in Rome and New York. We have our own broadcast mass which can be viewed at 8:00am each Sunday, thanks to Mr Spray, his son James and Dan our webmaster.

St Dunstan and been closed, opened and closed again. Because of the recent suspension of mass in the church, I received comment from a parishioner. “I am hungry for the Blessed Sacrament. Somehow the spiritual Communion does not quite fulfill my soul.”

This weekend we hope to celebrate the Eucharist outside.

We will have mass in the parking lot at 10:00am and 12 noon. There will be two masses for the time being, till we see how things work out.

The mass will be celebrated on the steps of the church facing the parking lot. People can drive their car into the lot and face the side door of the church, (backs to the school and parish center). Nobody has to leave their vehicle. The sound will be broadcast through their radio. (FM 88.1). You will be directed by stewards who will help you to a place where you can view the altar.

The Eucharistic Ministers will go to you rather than you coming to them. Everybody should remain in their car.

So we sit in our cars and hear the Word of God proclaimed, or read it at home, the question is asked of each of us, “Who do you say that I am?” There is no finished answer to the question. The question and answer is ongoing. Our answer today colors who we are and why we celebrate the Eucharist.